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FATEK Automation Corporation, was founded in 1992 by a group of PLC R.D. engineers, is a famous manufacturer and developer of Programmable Logic Controllers in Taiwan. FATEK have been focused on high-quality, high-functionality and compact design in micro PLC market, thus created their own brand “FATEK”.

Mitsubishi corporate statement, "Changes for the Better," encapsulates all that they stand for and aspire to—a brighter future for society, industry and everyday life through innovation. For 90 years, Mitsubishi have helped create a brighter tomorrow globally through our leading-edge technologies.

From A to Z, Siemens is the world’s single-source leader of automation technology products engineered and manufactured for all industrial sectors. Siemens best-in-class automation technology products are designed to perfectly match all of your requirements — and are enhanced by extensive training, service and support.

OPKON Limited develops, manufactures and globally markets industrial position/angle measurement sensors, position, temperature, weight, measuring and controlling equipments. Since its foundation in 1993, OPKON has kept a main principle: offering up-to-date technological products with cost-effective prices and fast lead-times. OPKON's core product has traditionally been Linear Potentiometers. These position sensors are commonly applied in plastic injection machinery, textile machines, transfer and hydraulic, metal forming machines and general automation applications.

Weintek regards its provision of quality products and superior service as the top priority.
Professional Supplier, Quality Products, Innovative R&D, and Customer Satisfaction" are Weintek’s principles. To fulfill these principles, the company has been dedicating itself to R&D and manufacture of HMI products and partnering worldwide professional companies to promote and market the products.

INVT holds the leading position in its main business of inverter manufacturing, which can provide a wide range of high, mid, and low-voltage general-purpose and industry-specific inverters with voltages ranging from 220V-10KV and a power range between 0.4-8000KW. they are widely applied to the industries of lifting, mining, metallurgy, textiles, machine tools, chemical, plastics, oil&gas, municipal, cement, power, etc.